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Get a one-page website also known as a landing page:

Expected cost: Depending on the complexity of the page you want built, a decent landing page should cost you anywhere fromĀ $350 to $1000. We did a google search for you on the average cost of a landing page, see the results here.

How can a single page website leverage your business?

Looking for a clutter-free single page website to foster better engagement with your clients? One Page Word Press Websites have been gaining popularity over the decade. A cost-effective and visually appealing mechanism to enhance your sales and engagement, one-page website designing calls for expertise. At Get A One Page Website, the experts can come up with visually compelling website designs for your brand!

At times, generating greater engagement calls for something simpler than complex pages that are difficult to load. Particularly, if you are trying to build portfolios, it’s logical to go for Affordable One Page Websites. Have a word with the experts, who can develop powerful single-page websites for you.

Benefits of single-page websites

Single-page websites have certain strategic advantages over their multiple-page counterparts.

  • No need to refresh the pages

It might be frustrating for the users to refresh the pages in complex websites every time they use them. On the contrary, single-page websites are easier to maintain. They are user-friendly, and do not require them to refresh the pages. This implies that you would be shelling out lower prices for maintaining the site.

  • Better load speed

Your website load speed continues to be a deciding factor for your search engine rank. A slow website would affect your ranking. Single-page websites are known for their load speed. Here, all the inbound links are connected to a single page. Therefore, the site gets a better load speed. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in One Page Budget Websites for better SEO.

  • Zero clutter

With the abundance of information, people are tired of clutter. With single-page websites, they experience a better visual pleasure. Experienced professionals working with us can come up with crafty websites, that make it easier for the readers to scan through them. With tough competition raging, you would gain an edge over your competitors.

What would you get with our single-page website package?

Have a look at what our single-page website packages include.

  • In-page navigators
  • Mobile design
  • Image rotator
  • Background video
  • Cash app integrations
  • Text logos
  • Integrated contact forms
  • An SEO optimized press release of 400 words

This is a comprehensive package, that can address the requirement of businesses from different segments of the industry. Apart from a professional consultation, you would benefit from our budget hosting, responsive layout, SSL certificate, press release, and social media integration. Our package is cost-effective, and you would not regret the long-term benefits.

Why should I get a single-page website?

Businesses and individuals looking for Affordable Word Press Websites often count on established developers like Get A One Page Website. A professional assistance from the established brand goes a long way shaping your brand image. In the digital age, your website speaks tons about your professionalism. With experienced hands working on your website, you can rest assured about its quality and impact. Call us at 478-922-8979 or fill up this contact form for us to get back. A customized one-page website for your business can help you engage more customers and increase your conversions.

Do you register my domain name?

How long does it take to create a one page website?

  • Because we create a professional press release for your project, we ask for 7-10 business days after we start and with all of your images and content.

Which payment methods do you take?

  • Our preferred method is by credit card using PayPal which is secure and trusted by millions (for accepting credit card or PayPal account payments).

What if I need a logo or other business stationery?

What Do I Need To Get Started?

  • Domain name you want to use, if you already have one, let us know where it is registered.
  • Initial content (images, text, social media links, video links etc.) you want included.
  • Deposit.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Submit your deposit below and we will contact you within 1-24 hours to gather your info to proceed.

Can I talk directly to the designer?

  • Of course you can, call us directly at 478-922-8979. Ask for George D.

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